EYE PILLOW Hot & Cold Therapy
EYE PILLOW Hot & Cold Therapy

EYE PILLOW Hot & Cold Therapy

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Our eye pillows are handmade to order, filled with flaxseed for an unscented selection or scented with lavender flowers. Each pillow cover is made of 100% cotton and removable for washing. Measures 9 x 4, weighing approximately 8 oz.

Eye pillows are not only soothing and calming for your eyes, they too offer a versatile pack for all over body application. Use hot therapy to relax or soothe tired muscles - warm pillow in microwave for 15 second intervals to your liking. To reduce swelling and relieve headaches - cool in freezer for 30 minutes.

PILLOW POWER LA is a pay-it-forward company, donating a percentage of all sales to Healing Odyssey, a therapeutic recovery program for women cancer survivors.

Great for Travel, Yoga, Therapy, Tension, Relaxation, Meditation.....