“When I finally moved to my adopted hometown, my darling friend gave me this glorious pillow. It’s made from a vintage Japanese Obi and adorned with a stunning Bakelite button. Its secret pocket held Albert Einstein’s marvelous quote - “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” What a great way to start my new life!”  


“I bought one of these beautiful pillows for a dear friend of mine who lives out of town and is dealing with a chronic illness.  She loves her “comfort” pillow, and it is a wonderful way for the two of us to stay connected even when we can’t be with each other”.  



“I received this exquisite, beautiful handmade pillow from a dear friend when I was battling with cancer.  Imagine my surprise when I found a positive message tucked inside!  I took the pillow with me to my rounds of chemo, like a young child finding comfort in his/her favorite stuff animal.  

Now that I am eight years cancer free, this beautiful pillow becomes part of my bedroom decor.  I will forever cherish the pillow as it represents positive healing energy, love, and support from my friend who got me this most thoughtful gift”.    



Diana on May 15, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely beautiful! 🦋💖🦋💖🦋💖🦋
I received one as a gift for my 60th Birthday from the Designer, and I decided I wanted to get one for a dearest friend Linda... who recently lost her dearly beloved husband.
The fabric is gorgeous ~ you can't really tell unless you are holding it or looking at it up close, but the beautiful butterflies have delicate gold traces running throughout the fabric 💖
Each butterfly is uniquely different. Just beautiful! I love that there's a pocket for a beautiful message to be kept tucked away...
This is the 2nd Pillow Power I have ordered.
The other beautiful design was the "Japanese Coral" 💖Which also made a comforting gift for my dear sister friend who became ill in November 2017.
Thank you for these beautiful unique gifts from the heart!

“A Classic Beauty”

“I purchased a beautiful pillow with a very unique blue and cream-colored Japanese-designed fabric.  It has the look of a peaceful day in a garden. I find the pillow very soothing. and it sits next to me when I am reading on the chaise in my bedroom.  To me it has a calming effect,and I love the Maya Angelou quote that came with the pillow.  I read it often and try to remember to treat people with tenderness.  I especially like seeing my dog resting her head on it; she must enjoy it also.  Pillow Power serves as a good "behavior" reminder.  I know the object is to put positive thoughts down on the card inside, but I am happy just knowing that it soothes my soul! “