My process starts with a long walk – ideas flow when I’m in nature. I can hear my mother’s voice:

                             “Take a walk – it’ll clear out the cobwebs!”


Trips to museums, art galleries, and flea markets continue to inspire my fabrications and applications. I like to take the time to explore fabrics from all around the city.  The pattern and the textual feel of the fabric is most important to me.  

 Same with the buttons.  I have always had an infinity for buttons and their amazing individuality.  I've been collecting buttons since I was seven.  My vintage buttons are starting to make their way onto my pillows.

And highly important to my process is collaborating.  Surrounded by incredibly artistic people, I turn to them for inspiration.  My pillows are always the better for it.

No detail goes unnoticed from start to finish as I produce each pillow.